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Update 14.07.2010

Rule 1:
Use the search-function of the forum before posting! You can access the seach-screen by clicking the "Suchen" button. Using the search-function is quite simple. With a little practice, you can find the requested information quickly. Using the search-function is very advisable, as you can get information right away and may spare time opening a new topic.

Rule 2:
Post topics in the correct boards only! The forum is divided into different boards. The titles of each board are formulated in such a way that one should recognise the discussed topics in each board immediately. Each board has its own subtitle for further information. This should be sufficient enough for one to find the right board.

Rule 3:
No double postings, not even in different boards! Topics of the same matter posted in the forum more than once are not appreciated. This may lead to members replying to the same topics twice or may distribute the same information throughout the whole forum. Actually, postings may not be really of urgent character, so that it is not necessary for them to be posted in the forum more than once.

Rule 4:
It goes without saying that every topic needs an informative headline. The titles of the threads are like the headlines of a newspaper. With this help, one can decide whether the topics are relevant for one’s self or not. Headlines such as "Looking for...", "Please help me!", "I have a problem!", "Please read!", or "What do you think about this?" should be avoided as well as headlines which are primarily made to arrouse one’s curiosity.

Rule 5:
If you wish to respond to a member individually, write an e-mail, a PN (private message), or use the Chat. The forum is intended for sharing information of general interest. Private communication on the board is not appreciated. Furthermore, the publication of private messages is only allowed with the explicit permission of the author.

Rule 6:
Observe the Netiquette. Offenses will not be tolerated! It is a matter of course that the usual courtesy is granted in the newsgroup. Keep in mind that you are communicating with people. Offenses, abuses, and the like are not welcome in the forum. Racist and sexist statements as well as those glorifying violence will not be accepted. We reserve the right to warn all violators. Inane discussions are not welcome. Insults to board members and other persons or authorities are prohibited.

Every new member will be set in a two-month probation period to avoid any attempts of trolling. Within the probation period the new members can be suspended by the Board Team without complying with the warning levels. Members do not acquire any special rights through exclusive user groups such as VIP etc. Warning Policy:
1st warning --> no consequence --> Violator will be downgraded to level one after 3 months without having further offences
2nd warning --> one week posting suspension --> Violator will be downgraded from level two to one after 4 months without having further offences.
3rd warning --> one month posting suspension --> Violator will be downgraded from level three to two after 5 months without having further offences.
4th warning --> Member’s access to the forum will be entirely banned

Rule 7:
The use of oversized texts and graphics in the signature ist not appropriate. The size of graphic files should not exceed 468 x 60 pixel. Images, e.g. webcam shots, are not allowed to be attached to threads or topics without the express prior permission of the persons concerned. Oversized animated graphics and flash in avatars will not be appreciated and can be deleted.

Rule 8:
Advertising for other Philippine Boards is not permitted. References to blog - and / or travelogue pages are allowed in the link list and in the signature, as long as the page that is linked to is not designed to make a profit . Members may link to other Philippine Travel Reports or Blogs in their posts under the condition that the author agrees and allows for partial publication with copyright notice here in the forum . In addition , members are allowed to present their own blog or Philippines Philippines travel report or link to it under the condition that the full blog entry or trip reported is also posted in the PFD. Any commercial advertising is prohibited, be it in a users profile or in any post to the forum, however. it can be booked as banner service or thread advertising. Members who have subscribed to banner or thread advertising are permitted to present their project in the forum once. Advertising for your own business is prohibited in posts , images (eg as a watermark ) or as a URL, this also includes the members signature. Furthermore, any advertising for commercial service offerings or service providers is prohibited.

Rule 9:
All topics posted in the forum express the opinions of the respective authors and do not necessarily comply with that of ours. All mentioned e-mail addresses and personal data may not be used for UBE or UCE (so-called "SPAM") purposes or the like. It is not allowed to quote and publicise topics (not even in excerpts) beyond the Philippinenforum without the express prior permission of the author.
The right of applying for a cancellation is not provided by termination or exclusion of the membership.

Rule 10:
All moderators and administrators reserve the right to delete posts and/or close whole threads which they determine are of irrelevant, inappropriate, or rule-violating nature without notice. They also have the right to relocate posts, whenever placed in the inappropriate board. Off-topic posts are moved without any comment. Complaints about posting are to report directly to the team (responsible moderators or administrators) and should not be posted publicly in the forum. The Philippinenforum Germany reserves itself in case of an ignoring a caution users. See rule 6.

Rule 11:
Certain words and idioms are existing, which are unwanted by the administration in this forum and therefore replaced by the word filter through **** or alternative idioms for a good reason. Circumference of the filter is not allowed and can have an immidiate warning as consequence.

Rule 12:
We expressly point out that the forum records the IP-address of every posting member. The IP-address will be handed out to responsible authorities in case of contravention. You use this forum at your own risk!
The password for the user-account should not be referred to third parties in any cases. In the same way the password should not be abused for third-party accesses. The indicated data upon registration are strictly confidential are will not be accessible to third-parties. Enquiries sent by any law enforcement agency are exempted from this rule.

Rule 13:
Every member receives a newsletter regularly. The newsletter is meant to inform users about the latest news and discussion threads in the forum. Should the member wish to unsubscribe the newsletter, he may do so by setting this option in his profile.

Rule 14:
It is prohibited to post content or links that violate the copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right of any third party. This applies to the swap board as well. The sources of contents from external pages such as news or other text material are to be quoted at all times. Publicising contents (such as protected files, e.g. software, music, films or TV-programmes) which violate any applicable local, state, national or international law is prohibited.

Additionaly for Marketplace
It is not allowed to trade or deal with medicaments, drugs, and the like. The market place is allowed exclusively from private to private. Commercial offers and requests are not allowed. All offers and ads in the marketplace are designed by members for members. The operators of the Philippinenforum Deutschland are not in responsibility for all posted ads.

Rule 15:
Special Rules - Chat
Observe the Chatiquette. Offenses will not be tolerated! It is a matter of course that the usual courtesy is granted in the Chat. Keep in mind that you are communicating with people. Offenses, abuses, and the like are not welcome in the Chat. Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to ban any member from the Chat in case of any rule violation. In case of recurrence, the violator may be permanently banned from the Chat.