Neuer Airline aus Muslim-Mindanao

  • COTABATO CITY, Philippines – New local airline Bangsamoro Airways will embark on its maiden flight on Wednesday, April 24.

    Bangsamoro Airways will initially fly to Zamboanga City and Sulu. It will carry six to 10 passengers, including the pilots, according to a press statement of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) posted on its official website.

    Bangsamoro Airways, based in Cotabato City, is operated by Federal Airways Incorporated.

    Bangsamoro Board of Investments (BBOI) Chairperson Mohammad Pasigan said in a phone interview on Saturday, April 20, that the trips will “mainly to cater government officials, medical supplies, and investors who are deeply challenged by the long travel time and routes when they plan to visit island towns and communities or deliver services.”

    Bangsamoro Airways - Wikipedia

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    Bangsamoro Airways to launch maiden flight on April 24

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