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    Jeden Tag einen raushauen, selbst sein Handlanger glaubt nicht dran kann man in Bong's Gesicht sehen

    'Hit them. Shoot them. But don't kill them': Philippines hardman president Duterte urges people to attack corrupt officials - but warns there may be no pardon if victim dies

    • He promised citizens immunity from prosecution if the victim survives the attack
    • In a speech made during his visit to Bataan the president, 74, urged the violence
    • He said if you have weapons you can shoot but you won't be pardoned if they die

    The president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has invited citizens to 'shoot but not kill' any corrupt public officials they encounter.

    The president, 74, said if anyone witnesses officials taking bribes and shoots them he can promise them immunity from prosecution - but only if the victim survives.

    In a speech made during his visit to Bataan on Thursday, the president suggested shooting corrupt officials in the foot to avoid a prison sentence and offered to defend such action.

    He said: 'If you pay a tax, a fee or get a certificate, and the officials ask for a bribe, hit them. If you have weapons, you can shoot them, but don't kill, because during the proceedings you may not receive a pardon.'

    'Don't kill them because you might end up getting embroiled with those given pardon after computation. Just the foot.

    'It will only be serious physical injuries. You'll be placed on probation. You'll just report to probation officer. At least you shot a foolish thief and I will defend you.'

    The outspoken leader added that those who take him up on the offer 'will not be sent to prison, but will only be seriously punished physically.'

    The president appealed to the public to assert their rights, and report any corruption or abuse involving a government official or worker.

    He said if the corruption incident reaches his office, he would summon the concerned official and let the complaint slap him or her in the face in front of him.

    The United Nations adopted a resolution in July this year calling for a full-scale investigation into the drug war in the Philippines, which is a key part of Duterte's domestic policy.

    Duterte has long faced criticism over police forces when it comes to fighting drug trafficking.

    Several human rights NGOs and opposition figures have accused the president of extrajudicial killings of suspects in drug-related cases, calling on the president to stop the violent hunt for drug lords.

    Ich hatte auch negative Erfahrungen mit Deutschen.

    vielleicht gilt das ja auch umgekehrt, ich finde man sollte der Fairness halber immer beide Seiten hören...

    Dagegen habe ich sehr nette Franzosen, Briten, Amis und (sogar) Holländer getroffen.

    ich hab sogar mal einen Russen hier getroffen, vor dem hätte sicher der eine oder andere sogar Angst, ich bin aber prima mit dem klar gekommen...

    generell kann man vlt sagen, dass die Nationalität alleine wenig aussagefähig ist, es kommt mehr auf Einstellung, Charakter, Intelligenz und das Wesen im Allgemeinen an...

    Era's oder Erras in Malate?

    Pizza ist Fastfood und unterscheidet sich kaum, selbst die Ketten bieten respektable Pizzen an. Nicht meine Welt.

    Im Netz findet man zwei Schreibweisen, allerdings Erras weniger....

    Hanging Out at Era's Bar at Malate-Philippines - YouTube

    und überwiegend mit Doppel R und Apostroph

    Erra's Ramen, Malate, Manila - Zomato Philippines

    Da die gleiche Bar gemeint ist, kann man sich was aussuchen...

    Was allerdings das Essen angeht, um Pizza geht es im Goto Monster mal überhaupt nicht, es geht mehr um Lugaw oder chin. Congee. Mit Pizza hat das eigentlich nichts zu tun, mehr mit Reis...

    Wenn Du mit Pizza fertig bist, geh doch mal ins GOTO Monster in Makati. Gehoert meinem Arbeitskollegen. Ich selbst war noch nicht dort, aber jeder sagt der Laden waere gut.

    musste mal hingehen, da kann man gut satt werden :yupi

    gibt es auch in Malate, Salo Park ganz in der Nähe der Era's Bar...

    Dem Knaller ist nun wirklich nicht mehr zu helfen....

    Duterte says he still believes in sacked BuCor chief

    (UPDATED) President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday, September 6, said he still believes in Nicanor Faeldon even after he fired him as director general of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) following the uproar over the early release of heinous crime convicts based on good conduct.

    "Kana si Faeldon, tarong na nga tawo (Faeldon is a good man). I still believe in him," Duterte said

    He recalled how Faeldon, as then chief of the Bureau of Customs, reported to him about a businessman in Cebu who keeps cigarettes with fake tax stamps in three warehouses.

    "We earned P37 billion (in taxes) because of that report by Faeldon," the President said in a speech delivered after he led the groundbreaking ceremony for the permanent housing project for landslide victims in Naga City, around 20 kilometers south of Cebu City.

    He was referring to the warehouses of Mighty Corporation that were raided in 2017. The homegrown tobacco company paid its tax liabilities.

    Duterte demanded Faeldon's immediate resignation on Wednesday night, September 4, and, in the same breath, ordered heinous crime convicts who were released because of good conduct time allowance (GCTA) to surrender within 15 days.

    Faeldon, a former mutineer, immediately packed his bags and vacated his quarters at the BuCor compound at about 1 a.m. Thursday, September 5, saying he bows to his "commander-in-chief's order without any hard feelings".

    "My commander-in-chief/appointing authority has spoken. I am a marine and a marine does as he is told. I most humbly bow to my commander-in-chief's order without any hard feelings," his official statement read.

    Duterte first tapped Faeldon as Bureau of Customs chief, but the latter stepped down in August 2016 following the shipment of P6.4 billion worth of smuggled shabu from China through the Manila International Container Terminal.

    The President later re-appointed Faeldon to the Office of Civil Defense and later on tasked the latter to lead the BuCor in November 2018.

    Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra has designated Assistant Secretary and Deputy Director General Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe as officer-in-charge of the Office of the BuCor Director General.

    Guevarra also created a committee headed by Department of Justice (DOJ) Undersecretary Deo L. Marco, with Assistant Secretaries Neal V. Bainto and George Ortha II, to exercise close administrative supervision over the bureau pending appointment by the President of a new director general.

    The GCTA, which is granted to qualified inmates with good behavior, is provided for under Republic Act 10572.

    The scheme caused an uproar following reports that former Calauan mayor Antonio Sanchez, who is serving seven life terms for the rape and murder of college student Eileen Sarmenta and the killing of her friend Allan Gomez in Laguna, was ordered released.

    Sanchez's release order dated August 20, 2019 was recalled.

    Under the law, "recidivists, habitual delinquents, escapees, and persons charged with heinous crimes" cannot benefit from GCTA. The implementing rules and regulations, however, cover convicts of heinous crimes.

    Since 2014, a total of 1,914 convicts of heinous crimes have been released, including more than 200 whose applications were processed after the Supreme Court ruled in June 2019 in favor of the law's retroactive effectivity.

    Police have activated tracker teams to locate about 1,700 heinous crime convicts who were released before June 2019.

    If they fail to surrender within 15 days, Duterte said he was considering a P1-million bounty on each convict "dead or alive".(SunStar Philippines)

    Hier kann man in puncto Abzocken noch was lernen...

    Ten Wealthiest Religious Leaders in the Philippines

    Eduardo Manalo


    The executive minister of the highly-politicized Iglesia Ni Cristo is arguably the wealthiest Filipino religious leader. Iglesia Ni Cristo is more than two times wealthier that the Roman Catholic Church because the former is centralized and the latter is not. Iglesia Ni Cristo is estimated to be worth nearly a trillion pesos including all of its properties, and Manalo as the CEO is surely worth billions of pesos.

    Glicerio Santos Jr


    Many people don’t know who Glicerio Santos Jr. is, but to many Iglesia Ni Cristo members, he is an icon. Santos holds many top positions in INC that includes General Treasurer, and head of the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation – a profit organization hiding behind the foundation’s name (. Santos maybe unknown, but people who have knowledge about his identity can argue that he is worth around 700 million pesos. (image credit:

    Eddie Villanueva


    Eddie Villanueva is not just a religious leader, but also a successful businessman. One cannot run for president without millions of pesos in his bank accounts. Villanueva has an estimated net worth of more than P200 million.

    Apollo Quiboloy


    Apollo Quiboloy might be known only in Mindanao, but he owns properties worth millions of pesos. This includes a helicopter which he lent to Pres. Duterte during the latter’s campaign period. Quiboloy is easily worth more than 150 million pesos.

    Mariano “Mike” Velarde


    The powerful leader of El Shaddai one labeled as the most powerful religious leader in the Philippines during the time of President Joseph Estrada. Velarde is not really a media-friendly person, but his wealth speaks more than a paid journalist. His worth is estimated to be around 130 million pesos.

    Socrates Villegas


    Socrates Villages is not the highest Catholic official in the country, but he is surely the wealthiest. Having been a chairman of CBCP (Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines) for almost 4 years, Villegas has an estimated net worth of more than 100 million pesos – a fraction of CBCP’s billions of peso investments in different companies that includes BPI, Ayala Group, Philex mining, and others.

    Luis Antonio Tagle


    Like Villegas, Tagle also holds a big share of CBCP’s share. As Archbishop of Manila, and chairman of Caritas, Tagle has an estimated net worth of around 100 million pesos.

    Eliseo Soriano


    Although in hiding for years, Eliseo Soriano still has a lot of money to spend. Soriano is a known critic of Iglesia Ni Cristo and has been receiving death threats over the years, but his money is the reason why he is still alive. Soriano has an estimated net worth of 80 million.

    Endlich hat der Schlaumeier es eingesehen, hat ja sehr lange gedauert....

    ‘Duterte ready to fire Faeldon from BuCor’

    MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte is ready to fire Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Nicanor Faeldon if he is found to have committed serious lapses in ordering the release of rape and murder convict Antonio Sanchez, drug traffickers and other high-profile prisoners, Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go said yesterday.

    Go said Duterte has ordered an investigation to find out who was responsible for the near-release of Sanchez as well as the discharge of several Chinese drug traffickers for good behavior under Republic Act 10592 or the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law.

    He said it was immediately clear to Duterte, who is a lawyer, that Sanchez and other inmates convicted for heinous crimes should not have been qualified for shortened prison sentences under the GCTA law.

    “Even if we’re friends before, we’ve a fight against corruption in government, on criminality or the fight against illegal drugs, so if there’s a question of how the Chinese drug lords were able to get out, we have a problem,” Go said.

    He said he found the testimony of Faeldon and other BuCor officials during the hearing “very inconsistent,” especially on who signed the documents for Sanchez’s release.

    He said when Duterte found out in the news about Sanchez’s impending release last Aug. 21, he immediately issued an order for Faeldon to stop it.

    The law, enacted in 2013 and implemented retroactively, allows the reduction of sentences by as many as 19 years based on a formula that tallies a convict’s “good behavior.”

    When asked whether he thinks Duterte will “recycle” Faeldon, Go said: “I can’t answer that. I’m not the appointing authority.”

    He said if he had his way, he would prefer the freed inmates convicted for heinous crimes to be rearrested, and “if they refuse to surrender, shoot to kill.”

    At the hearing, Faeldon testified that what he signed was a “memorandum” for release, and not an actual release order.

    He said the “memorandum” simply started the processing of documents for Sanchez’s walking out of prison.

    He claimed he had repeatedly pressed his subordinates in July to find a way not to have Sanchez freed but he was warned that he was exposing himself to lawsuits.

    However, Sen. Francis Pangilinan pointed out that a memorandum is practically a release order that no prison superintendent has ever defied.

    Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto pointed out during the inquiry that nothing in the GCTA law grants authority to the BuCor chief to order the release of a convict.

    “The BuCor chief is just one who gives (time allowance) or counts, not to release (inmates) under the GCTA law,” Recto said.

    DOJ not involved

    Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, who has supervision over the BuCor, said the release of inmates did not pass through his office.

    He, however, said Republic Act 10575 or the 2013 law that strengthened the BuCor gave the chief of the agency the authority to release inmates on good conduct.

    Sen. Panfilo Lacson also questioned the authority of BuCor regional chief for Davao Melencio Faustino to release convicted Taiwanese drug lord Chen Tiz Zang. “You usurped the authority of the BuCor,” Lacson told Faustino.

    The BuCor official, however, cited an authority from the Department of Justice allowing him to release the Taiwanese. Guevarra denied having signed any memo to that effect.

    Guevarra told the panel he ordered the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to stop the deportation of Chen and four Chinese drug convicts immediately after the controversy erupted.

    Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the committee, scolded Faeldon for not exerting enough effort to screen candidates for release, noting that the Board of Pardons and Parole had earlier denied Sanchez’s application for clemency.

    “You should know your job,” Gordon said as he stressed those convicted for heinous crimes should not benefit from the law.

    Sen. Imee Marcos had Faeldon and other BuCor officials agree to a lifestyle check because of reports that privileges under the GCTA law are being granted in exchange for money.

    Sen. Risa Hontiveros asked Faeldon point-blank when he is going to resign, to which he replied that the matter was up to “the appointing authority.”

    “Do you believe you did a good job, Undersecretary (Faeldon)?” Hontiveros asked.

    “I believe so,” Faeldon replied.

    The senator, however, said developments “point to the opposite direction.”

    Earlier, Faeldon’s lawyer and spokesman Jose Diño Jr. said in a statement that Faeldon’s predecessors had also signed release orders under GCTA for prisoners, including those convicted for heinous crimes.

    “Did Faeldon sign GCTA approvals of heinous crime convicts? Yes, but so did all of his predecessors who, like him, relied on the expert review, validation and processing by an MSEC (management, screening and evaluation committee), which recommended the GCTA approvals,” Diño said.

    The MSEC “shall be responsible for the screening and evaluation of entitlement for GCTA,” and would “evaluate records… to determine the degree of participation of PDLs (persons deprived of liberty) in development and work activities,” according to the “Uniform Manual on Time Allowances and Service of Sentence” issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) in 2017.

    He also revealed that 2,159 convicts of heinous crimes had been released through GCTA from January 2014, when the law was fully implemented, to Aug. 20 this year.

    Of the 2,159 released prisoners, 939 were sentenced for rape, 874 for murder, 261 for drug-related cases, 42 for kidnapping, 32 for parricide and six for arson, three for bribery; and two for crimes not specified.

    Releases under Aquino

    BuCor legal office chief Frederic Anthony Santos previously said that 1,914 convicts had been freed through GCTA.

    Of the 2,159 convicts, 445 of them were freed through GCTA under Aquino’s term when the law was passed, Diño also said.

    Between January 2014 and June 30, 2016 at the end of Aquino’s presidency, the BuCor had released 194 rape convicts; 126 murder convicts, 105 imprisoned for dangerous drugs; 10 sentenced for kidnapping, nine parricide convicts; and one convicted of bribery.

    The following became heads of the BuCor between 2014 to 2016: Gen. Franklin Jesus Bucayu, director from 2013 to 2015; Gen. Ricardo Rainier Cruz III (2015 to 2016); Police Chief Supt. Rolando Asuncion, officer-in-charge in 2016; and Benjamin delos Santos, director from 2016 until his resignation in 2017, when President Duterte was already serving his term.

    Diño also reiterated that his client Faeldon did not sign the release order for Sanchez, as reported earlier.

    “The Prisons Superintendent is the one who issues a release order… Faeldon immediately aborted Sanchez’s release by ordering a more thorough review of his GCTA approval,” he said.

    He also denied allegations that Faeldon had been bribed to allow the release of convicts through GCTA. He challenged Faeldon’s accusers to file complaints before the Office of the Ombudsman.

    Meanwhile, the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) said it will conduct its own probe on the release of more than 1,900 inmates.

    PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica said the commission would also quiz Faeldon and other officials on GCTA implementation.

    “We want to see the documents and hear his (Faeldon) side and explanation on what transpired with the GCTA and the freeing of these 2,000 criminals or prisoners,” Belgica told ABS-CBN News Channel yesterday.

    The commission may also ask former BuCor chief Sen. Ronald dela Rosa to answer clarificatory questions.

    “We can ask Senator Dela Rosa to give clarification, to give clarity to the issues that may come up,” Belgica said, adding that being subjected to an investigation does not make one guilty of corruption. – With Alexis Romero, Ghio Ong

    Schlimmes Flugzeugunglück Nähe Manila, 9 Tote

    9 dead as small plane crashes at Calamba resort in Laguna

    MANILA, Philippines (4th UPDATE) – All 9 people aboard a medical evacuation plane were killed after their light aircraft crashed in Calamba City, Laguna, on Sunday, September 1.

    Police said the bodies of the 9 fatalities had been retrieved from the wreckage as of 8:16 pm on Sunday.

    Aside from the pilot and co-pilot, among the dead were the patient being transported, the patient's wife, a doctor, and nurses.

    Two others in the resort area were injured, said police.

    The small plane crashed at the Agojo private resort in Purok 6, Miramonte Subdivision, Barangay Pansol, at around 3 pm on Sunday.

    The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), in a statement, said the plane was a BE350 medical evacuation aircraft with registry number RP-C2296. Police initially said it was a two-seater plane.

    The aircraft had come from the Dipolog Airport in Zamboanga del Norte and was bound for Manila. CAAP said it lost radar contact at around 3:10 pm while flying 25 nautical miles from Manila.

    The crash caused a fire at the site, which was declared under control as of 4:45 pm.

    CAAP sent Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board investigators to the crash site. –

    Und schon wieder hat er sein Land verkauft....noch bevor der Hahn kräht wirst du es dreimal verleugnen....

    Palace: Duterte tackled Hague ruling with Xi apologetically

    MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte struck an apologetic tone during his meeting last week with Chinese President Xi Jinping where he raised the 2016 arbitral ruling that invalidated China’s claim over nearly the entire South China Sea.

    “The President said, ‘I didn’t want to alarm you with what I’m about to raise because of your problem in Hong Kong, which is why I’m asking for forgiveness, but I need to say this because I promised my countrymen,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on Sunday, quoting the President as telling Xi.

    In response, “President Xi said, ‘I understand and I am OK with it,” Panelo said in an interview with Radyo Inquirer.

    und durchblicken lassen, das es etwas zu holen gibt.

    da denke ich wurde sehr viel in die Aussage des TS hineininterpretiert.

    wahrscheinlich meinste folgendes:

    ein Haus in Calapan City Mindoro

    das kann natürlich eine 15 Zimmer Villa sein, kann aber auch ein eher nach einheimischen Standards gebautes Holzhaus sein, man weiß es nicht....

    um sich auszutauschen z.B. Autokauf, Autoreparaturen, Restaurants und Sonstiges

    auch hier kann es ein 7 Millionen Peso 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Excalibur sein, oder halt ne Kiste für P 60,000, weiß mans?

    Also ob es da wirklich was zu holen gibt, ich zumindest weiß dass nicht, aber hast natürlich recht, ein Newbie sollte auch dafür sensibilisiert werden,


    wollte nächstes Jahr auf die Philippinen für längere Zeit

    sonst wird das möglicherweise eine eher kürzere Zeit

    Such dir die Bekanntschaft sehr gut aus. Nicht jeder Deutsche dort ist dein Freund und nicht jeder Deutsche ist Freiwillig dort.

    das ist sicher richtig, wobei ich das nicht so sehr an der Nationalität festmachen würde, besser wäre vlt "Nicht jeder Mensch dort ist dein Freund"...

    ansonsten hört sich das explizit nach einer Warnung vor Deutschen an, nach dem Motto alle anderen sind gut, sei nur bei Deutschen besonders vorsichtig...

    Die neuen kriminellen Freunde auch China haben mal wieder zugeschlagen...

    Subic Bay Freeport security arrest Chinese for carnapping

    UBIC BAY FREEPORT, Philippines – Security officers of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) arrested on Sunday evening, August 25, a Chinese suspected of carnapping after he forcibly took a vehicle driven by a Filipino.

    In his report to SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator Ramon Agregado, SBMA Law Enforcement Department (LED) manager Colonel Vicente Tolentino identified the suspect as Bin Zhang, 24, a Chinese national, temporarily residing at Silver City-4 Condominium, Pasig City.

    The report identified the victim as George Villanueva, 40, of Kawit, Cavite, a driver of a Starex Van (KOP 347).

    Based on initial investigation, Villanueva picked up Zhang on Sunday at Ortigas Avenue. Zhang asked to be brought to Subic Bay Freeport in a convoy with another van supposedly driven by a fellow Chinese.

    The travel went well until they reached the Tipo Toll Plaza near the entrance of the Subic Bay Freeport around 6:30 pm. While paying the toll fee, a Chinese from the other van boarded the Starex, while Zhang thrust a cutter knife to Villanueva’s chest.

    Though threatened, Villanueva got out of the Starex and managed to escape. The Starex van, now driven by the Chinese suspects, sped towards Subic Bay Freeport.

    Villanueva reported the incident to SCTEX patrol officers in the area who brought him to LED Office. An alert was immediately sent to all sentries in the Freeport.

    During the follow-up operation, the Starex was sighted at the parking lot along Rizal Hi-way here. Later, LED apprehended the suspect at around 9 pm. His companions were nowhere to be found.

    Zhang was turned over to Hermosa Police Station in Bataan which has jurisdiction in the area for filing of an appropriate case. Meanwhile a continuous follow-up operation was being conducted to arrest Zhang’s companions. –

    Unbestechliche Gesetzesmacher haben vorgeschlagen, Schüler bis zur High School von Hausaufgaben zu befreien...bei dem hohen Grad der Schulbildung hier ein genialer Schachzug :D

    No-homework bills filed

    MANILA, Philippines — Schoolchildren need not burn the midnight oil for class assignments, according to two bills at the House of Representatives that propose a no-homework policy from kindergarten to high school.

    No more homework means more quality time at home, said the lawmakers who sponsored the separate measures.

    Through House Bill No. 3611, Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero seeks to eliminate homework as a class requirement and limit school activities to the campus.

    “Homework assignments can deprive students and parents precious quality time for rest, relaxation and interaction after school hours and even on weekends,” the Sorsogon representative said in an explanatory note.

    Her bill would also have students deposit textbooks in school after hours to save them from carrying heavy learning materials on and off campus.

    Weekend ban only

    Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas has a similar proposal, HB 3883, but his measure would only stop teachers from assigning homework for the weekend.

    He cited a study in South Africa in 2018 suggesting that homework imposes a burden on both children and parents, leading to declining family time and less interest to learn.

    “In addition, a few landmark studies have suggested that homework does impact upon family life, in some cases in a negative way… yet in general, it is positively associated with academic achievement,” Vargas said.

    He said his bill would promote schoolchildren’s “physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being.”

    Vargas’ bill, unlike Escudero’s, would impose a fine of P50,000 or imprisonment of one to two years on teachers who would violate the no-homework condition.

    Vielen Dank für die Erklärungsversuche...

    Bis jetzt denke ich ist der beste hier genannte Link der von hge...

    allerdings meinte ich natürlich mehr was der Unterschied ist, also zB

    der ordentliche Botschafter macht, kann, darf usw und der außerordentliche Botschafter macht kann, darf usw bzw darf nicht wenn es denn so ist und wozu beide bevollmächtigt sind bzw wozu nicht...

    ja und der Link…n-diplomat-and-ambassador ist natürlich recht interessant für den Fall dass man den Unterschied zwischen Botschafter und Diplomat wissen möchte, in dem Zusammenhang hier aber eher Thema verfehlt, denn das war nun wirklich nicht die Frage...

    Da wird der Misswirtschaft mal wieder Tor und Tür geöffnet....

    Duterte wants intel, confidential funds almost doubled in 2020

    Der Witzbold des Tages

    MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte wants the government’s confidential and intelligence funds almost doubled in 2020.

    In the P4.1 trillion 2020 national budget, the confidential and intelligence expenses for the Office of the President is at P2.25 billion each or P1 billion higher than the P1.25 billion each for the said expenses requested by the administration in 2018 and 2019.

    The total amount sought for 2020 is P4.5 billion, almost double the P2.5 billion requested in the past two years.

    In his proposed budget for 2016 during his last term in office, President Benigno Aquino III retained his P500 million intelligence fund and confidential fund in his P3 trillion national budget.

    Sought for comment, Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a Palace briefing that the Office of the President “has to have resources to determine the threats against the state.”

    Asked about the huge increase, Panelo said: “It’s difficult to secure a country.”

    “You really need money. You need people, you need machines, technology. You will have many expenses,” he said.

    “[Y]ou really need money if you want to secure your country. And the Office of the President is one of the better offices that can secure the security of the land,” he added.

    Panelo assured the public that the proposed billions worth of funds would not be lost to corruption.

    “That’s impossible for the Office of the President because the President is the number one who doesn’t like corruption. The President is very strict,” he said.

    Executive Secretary Salvador Media also justified the huge hike on intelligence and confidential expenses.

    “The additional amount is necessary to fund the government’s intensified efforts against criminalities and various threats against the Philippines’ security and sovereignty,” he said in a text message to

    In 2018, Sen. Panfilo Lacson sought scrutiny into the surge in Duterte’s intelligence and confidential funds.

    A 2017 Commission on Audit (COA) audit report released in 2018 showed that the Office of the President under the Duterte administration spent more than P2.5 billion for confidential and intelligence expenses.

    The expenses increased by more than 350 percent from the P715.4 million it used in 2016. /je

    Sie ist aber "nur" außerordentliche Botschafterin, wie auf der Seite der Deutschen Botschaft zu lesen ist.


    vielleicht kann kann ja einer der Experten hier auf dem Gebiet erläutern was der Unterschied zwischen einem ordentlichen und einem außerordentlichen Botschafter ist und was in diesem Zusammenhang bevollmächtigt heißt...

    Im ersten Moment dachte ich nur, ein Glück dass die nicht Leni heißt... :D

    Der etwas naive Neuling im Senat hat einen ganz schlauen Spruch rausgehauen, zeigt sich bei kriminellen Politikern sehr verständnisvoll gegenüber Drogendealern...denn in seiner Zelle wurden nachweislich Drogen gefunden....ein Krimineller vom Kaliber Hans-Jürgen Rösner...

    'Why not?': Bato says rape-slay convict Sanchez 'deserves second chance'

    MANILA - Former corrections chief Sen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa said Wednesday convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez "deserves a second chance."

    This, amid uproar over the impending release of the former Calauan, Laguna mayor after imprisonment for 24 years- far less than his sentence of 7 terms of reclusion perpetua (40 years) over the rape and murder of University of the Philippines Los Baños student Eileen Sarmenta and the slay of her companion Allan Gomez in June 1993.

    Sanchez was convicted on March 11, 1995 by Judge Harriet Demetriou, who said his crime was “a plot seemingly hatched in hell.”

    "(If) it is determined by the Board of Pardon(s) and Parole that he (Sanchez) deserved that commutation, then why not?" Dela Rosa told ANC Wednesday.

    "He deserve(s) a second chance in life."

    Previous reports said Sanchez might be released because of a new law increasing the good conduct time allowance for inmates and a Supreme Court (SC) decision applying this law retroactively.

    Dela Rosa, former chief of the Bureau of Corrections, said the convicted rapist and murderer became a "changed man" inside the New Bilibid Prison.

    "According to corrections officers, nagbait na daw [si Sanchez]. In fact, nakikita nila na nagpapalda na nga daw, so changed man na talaga siya, changed man," Dela Rosa said.

    (According to corrections officers, Sanchez has changed for the better. In fact, they see him wearing skirts, so he's a changed man for sure, a changed man.)

    "Bumait na, hindi na siga," he added.

    (He's changed, he's not a bully anymore.)

    Questions were raised, however, over how Sanchez could qualify for good conduct when he was caught with P1.5 million worth of shabu hidden in a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in his cell in 2010.

    An airconditioning unit and a flat-screen TV were also seized from him during a raid in 2015.

    Jetzt will sogar sein Gönner nichts mehr mit dem schmierigen Jammerlappen zu tun haben....

    Palace to Duterte Youth's Cardema: Why drag us in your fight vs Guanzon?

    MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang distanced itself from former National Youth Commission (NYC) chair Ronald Cardema’s extortion accusations against a poll body commissioner, saying the Duterte Youth party-list has the freedom to file a case to back up its charges.

    This was the response of Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo on Sunday, August 18, when he was asked by DZIQ if Macalañang would look into Cardema’s allegations against feisty Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon.

    “Kung meron siyang corruption charge, mag-demanda siya. He doesn’t have to go to news media about it ‘di ba? Eh ‘di mag-file siya ng kaso. Why does he have to drag the Palace to it?” said Panelo.

    (If he has corruption charges, then he should sue. He doesn't have to go to the news media about it, right? He should file a case. Why does he have to drag the Palace to it?)

    The chief legal counsel of President Rodrigo Duterte, after whom Cardema’s party was named, said Malacañang “will not intrude” into Cardema’s fight against Guanzon.