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    Ja, und dann nur für drei Tage ... halte ich auch für sträflich ....

    Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass die eigentliche Ursache der Schmerzen unbehandelt geblieben ist, dauert sicher nicht lange, bis sich das wieder meldet.

    Wie der Titel schon sagt - wie kommt jemand ohne Einkommen und Rücklagen an eine Zahnbehandlung? Philhealth auch nicht vorhanden, und Barangay Health Services behauptet, nichts dafür zu haben ...

    Mehr weiss ich auch nicht - Anfrage kommt aus einem Chat ... schlimmes Zahnweh ...

    Hat jemand einee Idee, wie das zu bewerkstelligen ist?


    Zusätzlich wird nach dem Grund für die Überweisung gefragt, z.B. Unterstützung, Miete, Geschenk usw. ist in einem Auswahlfenster anzuklicken.

    Diese Frage wird auch bei Überweisungen auf ein eigenes Konto gestellt. Muss irgendwie mit den Philippinen zu tun haben ...:floet

    From Bohol Governor Arthur Yap

    Gov. Yap announced in a press conference earlier today that Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte is placing the province of Bohol under the Modified General Community Quarantine from June 1 to June 15, 2020.

    Last May 15, the IATF released the omnibus guidelines on community quarantine. Under the MGCQ guidelines:

    a. We still need to follow public health standards like social distancing, wearing of facemasks, and observance of cleanliness which we implemented with our EO 8 and 15;

    b. Indoor and outdoor non-contact sports and exercise like walking, jogging, running, biking, golf, swimming, tennis, badminton ug skateboarding are allowed as long as we follow public health standards and there should be no borrowing of equipments; however we would like to clarify that basketball is not included;

    c. Essential establishments like Hospitals, Botika, Agriculture, fishery and forestry industries, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, food delivery service, Media establishments, dental clinics, Veterinary Clinics, banko, money transfer and remittance center, pawnshops, Telecommunications companies, internet and cable service providers, energy and power companies, water supply, sanitation and waste disposal services, electronic and commerce companies, legal, auditing, accounting and financial consulting services, other non-leisure wholesale and retail establishments ug BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) will remain open as we did not close them even when we were under ECQ, however, we would like to remind them to follow minimum health standards;

    d. Restaurants and fast food chains will remain open however dine-in is still prohibited; if the establishment will implement dine-in at 50% capacity, approach your Mayor and show that you are capable of following the miminum health standards and guidelines that the IATF is implementing; Your Mayor will give you clearance if you can operate at a 50% capacity;

    e. Barber shops, salons and other personal care service establishments will remain open with only 50% of the venue capacity and will still follow minimum health standards;

    f. Public and private transportation services will remain to operate and still follow social distancing, disinfection of vehicle, and following the guidelines from DOTr;

    g. Suspension of face-to-face clases and co-curricular activities will still ne in place;

    h. With regards to Mass gatherings, allow me to consult our Mayors first. It is important that this will be understood and agreed upon by our Mayors for they will be the ones who will implement the protocols in conducting mass gatherings. While there is still no final decision, mass gatherings like sports and civic events connected but not limited to foundation day and sectoral activities, fiesta celebrations, concerts or entertainment performances, are still prohibited;

    i. Under the IATF Resolution No. 38, we still have to wait for upcoming IATF with regards to religious gatherings, services, and eucharistic celebrations

    j. General curfew of 9PM-5AM is still ongoing;

    Yap also announced that minors can now go on Fridays and Saturdays from 6am-6pm provided they are accompanied by their parents/guardians. For our senior citizens, 65 yrs old and above, their schedule will remain every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6am-6pm.

    Gov. Art sadly divulged that we tried to appeal with the DILG if we can issue a back riders’ pass to allow wives and children to ride motorcycles, however Sec. Año simply declined and firmly stands on keeping the ”No Back Ride” policy.

    Gov. Art Yap signed Executive Order No. 28: Placing the Province of Bohol under General Community Quarantine to address the continued threats of COVID-19 at the press conference earlier today; and this takes effect on May 4.

    However, with Bohol under GCQ, Gov. Art emphasized that there should be no reason to lower down our guard. He reminded everyone to remember 2 things; 1) we have a limited number of ventilators, doctors, nurses, isolation and quarantine beds. If we cannot manage the rate of local infections, we will drown our healtchare providers and collapse Bohol into chaos. 2) we have just started to accept returning OFWs.

    Under EO 28, the following measures will continue to be implemented until May 31:

    1. The General Curfew from 9PM to 5AM;

    2. Travel Ban for all incoming passengers;

    3. Suspension of classes;

    4. Liquor ban;

    5. Social Distancing;

    6. Prohibition against mass gatherings;

    7. Mandatory use of face masks;

    8. Regulated operation of business establishments; and

    9. One-household, one-pass policy.

    The 24-hr Curfew for seniors and minors below the age of 18 will still be in effect. However, seniors may break their curfew from 6am-6pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; while minors below 18 may go out at 6am-6pm during Monday and Friday.

    The EO also provides for the opening of the manufacturing industries in various sectors—food, health, equipment, pharmaceuticals, durables, computers, including the opening of malls and commercial centers, personal care establishments, legal, accounting, architectural, engineering, scientific, real estate, office administrative and other services.

    Gov. Yap clarified that these establishments may open provided that they follow these protocols:

    1. DOH guidelines area sanitation

    2. Temperature scanning in all entrances

    3. All patrons and employees or workers exhibiting any COVID-19 related symptoms shall not be allowed entry into the premises

    4. Provision of alcohol or hand sanitizers in all entrances

    5. Provision of foot baths in all entrances

    6. Cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces within the establishment premises (tables, chairs, doorknobs, toilets, transaction counters) after each customer, and the floors and general premises st least three times during operating hours

    7. Provide a help desk in strategic entrances for senior citizens, pregnant women and PWDs who may need assistance from frontliners in transacting business

    8. Limit the number of people who enter any establishment to ensure strict observance of physical distancing of 2 meters from another; and any activity promoting the congregation of a crowd is strictly prohibited.

    Gov. Art Yap still prohibits sports-related mass gatherings, including trainings, games, tournaments, championships, fitness gyms, gambling and betting activities, cockpits and internet shops in the whole province.

    Under the "new norm" attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must maintain our aggressive prevention measures and balance it with the need to address returning Boholanos and slowly re-opening closed businesses who can maintain proper health standards, to ensure the functioning of the province.

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    Nächstes Jahr sieht das alles ganz anders aus - und vorher kommst da eh nicht hin:Bye

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