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    The Philippine Airline's DC8 jet, bound for Manila, to complete the inaugural flight of the new twice weekly service between Sydney and the Philippines capital. A non stop connection which takes approximately eight hours. Minister for the Interior, MR. ANTHONY and MRS. ANTHONY. Wife of the New South Wales Premier, MRS. ASKIN. Cloud formations. Boy scouts directing traffic in Manila. Fish breeding farms. Paintings on the roof of the Magellan Shrine. Various shots. Shots of people watching in flight film

    Inaugural Flight To Philippines - 1965

    I am multi-talented!

    I can talk and p.iss people off at the same time!

    A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad.

    An optimist is a man who hopes they are.

    My mouth is not a bakery, I don't sugarcoat anything!

    If you ask my opinion,
    I am going to tell you the truth,
    Not that what you'd like to hear!

    Ein erfahrener Pilot ist,

    wer seine Erfahrung benutzt,

    um Situationen zu vermeiden,

    die seine Erfahrung erfordern!


  • Eindrücklicher Film, der alte Erinnerungen aufleben lässt. Besonders das Kino "Rizal" in Makati, das in etwa im Gebiet des heutigen Shangri-la Hotels stand, hat es mir angetan =), waren wir in den 70ern dort doch regelmässige Besucher und haben jeweils die neuesten Filme, meist solche aus den USA, angeschaut. - Those were the times.......